Fun Seekers League 2021

Playing Thursday nights through the summer at Genesee Valley GC Rochester NY. 

The 2021 FSL Golf League

Season information and rules.

Venue and Overview:

The 2021 FSL will play at Genesee Valley Golf Course on East River Road in Rochester, New York. Our season

opens Thursday April the 29th and plays thru Thursday August 27. We will play 9 holes per week on the original

course alternating between 1 thru 9, then 10 thru 18 respectively. Unless otherwise scheduled the FSL will play

17 regular rounds and then host a year end 18 hole tournament and awards dinner. Carts are provided for the

tournament only.

Our first regular season tee time is 4:28 pm. Please report to the starter no later than 4:00. Carts are permitted

but NOT provided at league expense.


Regular membership is $309.00

Those with Monroe County Parks Senior Membership is $249.00

Those with Monroe County Parks Unlimited Pass membership is $93.00


These fees cover all published weekly greens fees, league activities and tournament expenses.

Qualifying fees must be received by the president no later than March 15, 2021. Unless there are extenuating

circumstances fees are not refundable.

Breakdown of Expenses:

Greens fees:

$236.00 regular play.

$176.00 with senior pass.

$93.00 with unlimited parks pass.

$5.00 per round for subs. Subs playing in the year end tournament are entitled to the regular players tournament

awards but not regular season prizes.

Year end tournament budgeted at $60 per person. This covers dinner and tournament greens fees. Year end

prizes are $13 per player.


President, Finance, Rules and Gripe management:

Brian Van Ocker

7805 Big Tree Rd

Pavilion NY 14525

(All fees are sent to the above address.)

Scoring Officer:

(The Lovely) Von Murphy

League Format:

We compete in standard match play. You will play each member at least once in accordance with the schedule

over the course of the 18 regular, position and  tournament rounds.

Position Nights:

We will play two position rounds. The middle position round may be used as a regular season ‘make up’ should

we have a rain out. The final regular round will decide the match-ups for our year end tournament and final prize

winning players. The week 18 position round decides the Tournament pairings which are as follows; First plays

Second place, Third plays Forth, Fifth and Sixth etc.


This schedule is tentatively based on 16 regular players and will be completed as soon as the roster is filled and

all fees are paid. It is inflexible after it is published.

Typical year:

Weeks 1-7: League Play

Week 8: Position Night

We normally DO NOT play July 4th week.

Weeks 9-16: League Play 

Week 17: Position Night

Week 18: End of season tournament and banquet. The actual venue and date will depend on league consensus;

usually a mid September Friday morning.

Scoring: (Is provided and usually published weekly.)

1. Scoring is on an individual basis, 10 points per match.

2. 1 point for each hole won (ties split the hole 1/2 point each) and 1 point for low net total score.

3. Handicap used in this following manner; The difference in handicap for a match is applied to the higher

handicap player’s card. The distribution is done in hardest to easiest order. Total net score is calculated by:

(Gross score - Handicap) = Net

4. Weekly and overall standings will be published weekly online at

5. Scores will be calculated and kept by the scoring officer. Any issues/questions with scoring should be reported

to the president only. Concerns will be addressed promptly.

6. Be advised that we have a max stroke rule. This should not be considered a penalty, it is in place only to speed

play. Rule 21 below.

Handicap System: 

Handicap system will use the USGA slope handicap system. Your handicap from the previous year will be used

for the first week of the season. After that time the handicap will be 90% average the previous six weeks

calculated handicaps.

Regular players without a starting handicap will have that handicap determined by using an average of weeks 1 &


For subs without a starting handicap, we will use 80% of the USGA rather than 90%. After the second round the

handicap will be calculated normally. The handicap system is a modified version from the USGA Slope Handicap.

The handicap system is a modified version of the USGA Slope Handicap System.

The slope for Genesee Valley is: 108

The Course Rating for Genesee Valley is: 34.4 (9 holes) men’s, 35.2


To determine handicap calculate your Adjusted Gross Score based on the following criteria.

Player's Handicap

Maximum score on any hole regardless of par

4 or less


5 through 9


10 through 14


15 through 20


21 (cap)


Calculate the Weekly Handicap as follows:

Weekly Handicap=90% [(Adjusted gross score) - (Coarse Rating for mens, womans, seniors)] x [113 /(Slope)]

Returning Players:

Week 1, last year's handicap.

Week 2 - 18 90% Avg. of previous 6 weeks.

New Players:

Week number 1, None*

Week 2-6 90% Avg. of previous weeks YTD.

Weeks 7-18 90% Avg. of previous 6 weeks.

*The handicap used for awarding points for week one will be determined after our second week of play.


Whenever a regular member is unable to play it is that player’s obligation to secure a sub. Any points the sub

wins will be credited to the absentee. The sub is charged $5.00 for each round. This money will be used at the

leagues discretion. A list of subs and contact information is available

If a sub is not secured the scheduled opponent plays against a (D)signated (S)ub. The DS will be determined by

throwing a tee between the other two players in that group. If the other group also has a sub the regular league

player becomes the DS by default. Should a group have three subs the regular member is DS by default. 

Scoring Against a DS:

When playing against the DS, you will always win low net, and therefore receive the point associated with winning

low net. Handicap strokes will be distributed as in item 4 above. The absent player receives a maximum of 2 no

matter how the DS scores.

Year End Dinner and Tournament:

We will have an 18-hole tournament and dinner at season’s end at a place and time to be determined. We will

elect a tournament organizer(s), this person(s) is to be incharge of format. The tournament organizers may offer a

program that raises funds additional to the leagues scheduled tournament payouts. After funds are subtracted for

awards, tournament greens fees and dinner, the balance of the treasury will be made available to the organizers

to augment the tourney. Dinner is provided but drinks and gratuity are not included in the league fees. There may

be a slight ‘fee’ adjustment prior to the tournament for any additional venue and food costs if need be.

Closure of the Season:

The regular season will officially close at the year end banquet, where;

The financial officer will publish a full disclosure of the year’s finance.

The scoring officer will compile and publish accumulated scores.

The top five players will be awarded.

Our leagues rules and structure will be openly reviewed and amended by a simple majority vote of returning

players. Regular players planning to return but not in attendance may suggest and vote by proxy, email, text etc.

Rules and amendments may be made in the off season, but must be ratified before the start of the season.

Changes take effect at the beginning of the preceding season and will not be retroactive in any way.

Year End Awards structure:

Handicap adjusted place prizes. Revised 2021

1st $50.00

2nd $40.00

3rd $10.00

Non-handicap adjusted prizes. Revised 2021

Lowest Gross Score $50.00

Lowest Average putts $40.00

Most Improved $10.00

$35.00 paid to scoring officer

Genesee Valley Country Club and FSL Golf League Rules:

1. USGA rules govern all play except where league rules supersede.

2. Players will count ALL strokes including any swing taken including practice and address contacting your ball.


3. A ball resting less than 2 club lengths of any man-made immovable obstacle such as a rock wall, machine,

shelter, marker, pipe, etc. may be moved 2 club lengths relief, no nearer the hole without penalty. Movable

markers such as cart restriction barriers, temporary stakes, grounds under repair ropes etc. may be moved freely.

Please replace after your swing.

4. Relief may be taken from normal trees, shrubs and plantings under a diameter of 3 inches or less regardless of

height. The ball may be moved 2 club lengths no nearer the hole. Balls lifted from scrub, unmowed and

unmaintained areas carry a 1 stroke penalty.

5. Players can change or clean a ball at any time anywhere on the course but they must maintain its exact lie.

6. A player can obtain relief from standing, casual or incidental water, ground under repair or sparse hard pack

without a penalty from the fairway or formal rough. The ball may be moved reasonably backwards or laterally to

obtain a playable lie. A ball that lies in a rooted, treed or forested area must be played from the original lie. A one

stroke penalty applies if lifted or improved.

7. A player is the sole judge of an unplayable lie. A ball may be declared unplayable at any place on the course

except in a water hazard (See rules 10 and 12). The lie may be improved by dropping the ball within 2 club

lengths from where the ball lay but no nearer the hole. If the unplayable lie is in a sand trap, the ball must be

dropped in the sand trap. The penalty for unplayable lie is 1 stroke.

8. A ball hit out of bounds will be played at the point the ball went out of bounds. The ball must be dropped within

2 club lengths where it crossed the boundary but no nearer the hole. The penalty for out of bounds is 1 stroke.

9. Winter rules always apply. . . Except in a hazard, a ball may be ‘Fluffed’ a maximum of 6 inches from its original

position in any direction.

10. A ball may not be touched in any hazards nor can an unplayable ball be made playable in a hazard by

‘fluffing’. Striking a ball or improving the lie under this circumstance is a 2 stroke penalty and loss of hole. The ball

must be lifted with a 1 stroke penalty and dropped no nearer the hole.

11. All divots must be replaced and all ball marks on the greens are to be fixed.

12. A ball coming to rest in streams, creeks, or ponds, may be lifted under a penalty of 1 stroke. The ball may be

dropped behind the point where the ball entered the hazard but no nearer the hole.

13. A ball coming to rest on tees, sides of tees, greens or fringes of greens not on your hole is to be removed from

this lie and dropped no nearer to hole, keeping ball in line of play if possible without penalty.

14. If any of these rules are temporarily forgotten or ignored by any member or sub, it is the duty of the rest of the

foursome to remind them. Chronic cheating will result in suspension or dismissal without refund.

15. Grievances or questions concerning interpretation of the rules will be addressed by the President after the

match. Any play not covered in the current league rules as published are left to league debate and consensus.

Disputes of this nature may not be immediately addressed but will be resolved in a timely fashion. Score(s) and

rules will be adjusted retroactively upon resolution.

16. During play, any player in question of a rule of play should consult with his/her opponent and try to come to an

agreement to resolve the problem or question at hand. If a decision cannot be reached, then rule 15 should be


17. A player may hit a provisional ball from the tee only and will be assessed normal strokes if the provisional ball

is used. Should the original ball be found it must be played with all provisional strokes negated.

18. The service road between holes 13 and 14 is not considered out of bounds.  Any ball crossing this road

should be treated in accordance with rule 19.

19. Any ball crossing out of the current holes boundaries is considered in bounds and in play if the lie meets all

the above criteria and not out of the actual courses marked boundaries.

20. All players will limit searches for lost balls to one minute or less if obstructing or slowing the play of others in

any way. A ball deemed lost is to be dropped where it was sighted last with a one stroke penalty.

21. The MAX rule. A player lying two over par on any hole but not on the green shall pick up the ball, record two

over par and add three putts.

• Par 3 plus 2 over = 5 + 3 putts for a net of 8 strokes.

• Par 4 plus 2 over = 6 + 3 putts for a net of 9 strokes.

• Par 5 plus 2 over = 7 + 3 putts for a net of 10 strokes.

22. If a player records a max score they will not be eligible to receive any points for that hole. Should both players

max out, then no points are awarded for the hole.

23. Senior Players (over age 65), may declare at the beginning of the season that  they wish to tee from the Red

tees. In doing so, their handicap will be calculated based on the appropriate rating/slope.

Greens Play:

1. After all players have reached the green, they will individually putt beginning with the player furthest from the

hole. If any player is not prepared to putt, another ‘ready’ player should putt to reduce slow play.

2. Gimmez’ are permitted at players discretion. Usually the length of a standard club grip or less.

3. Balls not being putted must be marked and removed. A player will be penalized (2) strokes and lose the hole if

their ball hits an opponent's ball. There is no penalty if this situation occurs from a stroke or putt off the green

regardless of distance. The opponent has the choice of leaving the ball where it stops, or replacing it on the

approximate original location.

4. Please repair all ball marks on the green.

5. Please keep handcarts and bags off tees, aprons, approaches to greens and greens.

Revised by Brian Van Ocker 2.17.21

Submit any corrections or comments to