“We are absolutely committed to American manufacturing. Nothing threatens the United States more than loosing the ability to make things.”
Available Services
Rochester Automatics is offering the best price, quality and service. Traditional 1911 and Clone hardware made by American machinists on American machines. We offer traditional style slotted screws in many finishes as well as out exclusive ‘Combat’ slot. What's a Combat Slot? Its Tactical and Practical: In the real world you may have to rely on your 1911 for an extended period. Remove the grips with the magazine tab, a dime, a key... anything and you can gain access to the trigger and hammer system. Our quality, price and customer service is unmatched and has become a benchmark across the net. If your looking for just a few to doll the old girl up or commercial quantities, allow us to provide you with fasteners you can trust.
We are dedicated to taking American work back from countries that hate America.
Our Premiere Line of domestic Steel 1911 hardware.