37 Curlew Street  Rochester New York 14606 585.254.8820 Brian@RochesterAutomatics.com Always American Made. “Rochester Automatics Incorporated is committed to absolute quality and value.” Utilizing the Davenport 5 spindle automatic we will deliver the quality and quantity that will keep your lines up and running. Bin to bin, trusted, tested. Rochester Automatics inc. will do what ever it takes to make sure you have the components you require. Our Brown and Sharpe singles allow us to provide the lower quantity orders that are the trend in this evolving economy. We work closely with trusted local vendors to provide our customers with finished products in all commercially available materials, hardness, finishes and plates. Low carbon steels High carbon steels Brass Stainless Processes. Drilling Internal/External threading Slotting Milling Broaching Knurling Our Partners include: Also serving the Fiber Optics, Medical, Beverage, Fishing, Printing, Food Processing and Toy industries. “We will NEVER sub-contract your order. Ask your current screw machine products vendor to promise that!” Fact is, many large screw machine houses, when they fall behind will sub-contract work, perhaps even your projects to smaller shops like Rochester Automatics. There is a chance that we may have already made your parts, you just don’t know it. Larger houses know that they can rely on shops like ‘ours’ to take the load off. The screw machine business is going through many profound changes; In an effort to control price, the big shops are importing large amounts of (often inferior) materials from Asia. Worse yet, some sub your products to overseas manufacturers. We just don’t believe that’s good for America or American manufacturing. We try and source our materials domestically whenever possible. If we get behind, we work overtime to get it done. American workers, working American overtime making products IN AMERICA. That just the right thing to do. This website and its content is public domain and presented as informational to prospective and current customers. Rochester Automatics Inc. is a trademark of Rochester Automatics. Feel free to link to this site and its partners. Contact us at webbiz@rochesterautomatics.com with questions or comments.